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Download the Java Proteomic Library distributions

How to download

You can either get jpl-PACKAGE-VERSION archives from this site or get the sources from the sourceforge repository with svn or from the distribution hosted in this site and compile them with ant in your system.

PACKAGE is the JPL package name and VERSION is the version number of the release.

Download compiled archives (first alternative)

You can directly access to archives from the home page of each package found in this page and get the following types of archives:

  • jpl-PACKNAME-VERSION.jar, library compiled for java 1.5.
  • jpl-PACKNAME-VERSION-src.jar, code source archived in a jar (mainly used for browsing sources from your IDE).

Download and compiling sources (second alternative)

Download source distributions

The or .tar.gz file contains the java and test source code files, a README.txt and a BUILD.txt file with explanations about content and how to build jpl-PACKAGE-VERSION compiled library or javadoc.

Unpack the distribution with an archiver and jump below for the building part.

Download sources with svn

Use the links available at 'Source Repository' of any package to download sources from sourceforge with svn.

Compiling sources

The distribution contains all of the source code, documentation, and resources. After unpacking the distribution, follow the README.txt, LICENCE.txt and BUILD.txt to see the Requirements (just Java 1.5+), Installation Instructions and Documentation, Licensing and legal issues.