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JPL Commons


Commons provides reusable components used in the JPL.

The jpl-common packages have been extracted from the core component in ex-package org.expasy.jpl.core.util.

The Commons module has been split-up in components:               - Interfaces and objects for the JPL command-line applications.
  org.expasy.jpl.commons.base              - Basic general domain component (builder, condition, io, math, ...).
  org.expasy.jpl.commons.collection        - Basic collection objects and interfaces.
  org.expasy.jpl.commons.collection.graph  - Graph objects and algorithms (extended from Jung graph library).
  org.expasy.jpl.commons.collection.render - Statistical series and histogram renderers (jfreechart needed).


A full User's Guide is available. The Javadoc API documents are available.

The Subversion repository can be browsed.


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