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Peak list editor handling multi-matches

Status: Open.

A conflict appear when a peak of one spectrum match many peaks of the other.

Here we are in the situation where we have conflicts and we want to deal with all of them (it is mainly the case in the visualisation of aligned spectra).

Rules for these editors have been already defined for the matching peaks where exp or theo peaks are edited (2 modes coexist: COPY_INTENSITIES_TO_THEO or COPY_ANNOT_TO_EXP). These rules were applied only when there was no conflicts

We now want to extend the rules like:

  • if one experimental peak match many theoretical ones, we report all annotations into this peak.
  • if one theoretical peak match many experimental ones, we report annotations in all the experimental ones (or we select only the most intense peak + report annot ???!!!)

Matching Conflicts (en/dis)abled

Status: Close: done.

When comparing MS spectra with a given error tolerance a peak may match more than one peak.

If both spectra are experimentals, the chosen peaks will have the closest relative intensities and/or closest mzs.

If it is not the case we cannot solve the conflict. It may be problematic when we have to get a score and it is not a problem when we just want to keep all matches.

I have to give the possibility to configure it from the matcher object that process the comparison. An exception will have to be thrown only if conflicts are allowed.