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Third-party libraries


This package provides readers and writers for Mass Spectrometry and polymers.

JPL-IO Dependency

Lib NameDescription
jpl-core.jar [*] The JPL core library.
jpl-commons-*.jar [*] The JPL commons (base and collection) libraries.
commons-logging.jar Wrapper around a variety of logging API implementations.
junit.jar JUnit is a simple framework for writing and running automated tests (to execute jpl tests).
[*] See JPL Components dependencies.

Java Dependency for JPL-IO-HDP (hadoop-based)

Lib NameDescription
hbase.jar HBase is the Hadoop database. We use it to access random and realtime read/write access to our Big Data.
hadoop-common.jar Hadoop Common is a set of utilities that support the Hadoop subprojects. Hadoop Common includes FileSystem, RPC, and serialization libraries.
hadoop-hdfs.jar Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is the primary storage system used by Hadoop applications. HDFS creates multiple replicas of data blocks and distributes them on compute nodes throughout a cluster to enable reliable, extremely rapid computations.

Java Dependencies Libs for mzXML

Lib NameDescription
jrap-ext.jar A library to parse mzXML files (based on xerces below).
xercesImpl.jar A Java processor for parsing, validating, serializing and manipulating XML.

Java Dependency for mzML

Lib NameDescription
jmzml.jar A library to parse mzML files (based on libs below).

Java Dependencies Libs for jmzML

Lib NameDescription
jaxb-api.jar, jaxb-impl.jar & jaxb-xjc.jar JAXB for Java Architecture for XML Binding is a framework for processing XML documents.
stax-api.jar The Streaming API for XML (StAX).
xxindex The XPath-based XML indexer.
cpdetector.jar cpdetector is a code page - detector
activation.jar The JavaBeans Activation Framework by Sun
commons-io.jar commons io provides a collection of I/O utilities.
log4j.jar log4j provides logging services designed for Java.