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JRAP Extended


Package jpl-io depends on library jrap-ext.jar.

JRAP is a mzXML parser developped at the Seattle Proteome Center. It is a port of RAP (Random Access Parser C-parser) to java. Here is the project page. It is an open source project.

We have extended JRAP for many reasons: we found bugs, we needed to retrieve more informations from mzXML data and we add new capabilities to the parser (for example, the parser is now able to read compressed spectra).

Here the last version of jrap-ext-1.2.jar.


The Javadoc API documents are available.

First Extension - Get 'Precursor Intensity' information

JRAP has been extended because of numerous caveats. We have created a new project named JRapExt, an extension of jrap, in a new package named org.systemsbiology.jrap.extension :

  • ExtMSXMLParser extends MSXMLParser
  • ExtSAX2ScanHandler
  • ExtSAX2ScanHeaderHandler
  • ExtScan extends Scan
  • ExtScanHeader extends ScanHeader

We've modified SAX2 handlers to fetch the precursor intensity of level 2 scan. ExtScan now implements 2 new methods setPrecursorIntensity(float newValue) and float getPrecursorIntensity().

Second Extension - Get 'Activation Method' information

Once again, we had to get another tag from mzXML file added in the 3rd version of this format. In level 2 precursorMz, 'activationMethod' (CID or HCD) is now available from getPrecursorActivationMethod() and setPrecursorActivationMethod() methods.

Third Extension - 64 bits Precision and Compressed Spectrum Ready

The parser is now ready to read compressed spectra and to handle 32/64 bits precision peak values (mz and intensity) as defined in mzXML peaks tag: <peaks precision="32" byteOrder="network" pairOrder="m/z-int" compressionType="zlib" compressedLen="315">

  • Fixing bug (the last intensity value of the peak list was missing !!).
  • ExtSAX2ScanHandler now extends SAX2ScanHandler.
  • Isolates code specific to bytes management from SAX2ScanHandler into Bytes class.
  • Now handles zlib compression via Bytes class (in peak xml element there are parameters compressionType('zlib'|'none') and compressedLen )
  • New methods in Bytes quadletToFloat(byte[] bytes) and octletToDouble(byte[] bytes) called depending on precision (32/64 bits).

Fourth Extension - Empty Peaks Characters [≥ jrap-ext-1.1]

Bug fixed: the parser crashed when no data found between xml <peaks> tags.

Fifth Extension - Empty Peaks Characters (part 2) [≥ jrap-ext-1.2]

Bug fixed: the parser crashed when no data found between xml <peaks> tags and nor "byteorder" or "network" parameters in peaks tag was defined.