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Annotations and mz diff

Status: Open.

We have to decide if you get mz diff from sptxt/msp files. If it is the case, we cannot pool anymore annotations as all will be uniques.

Make a mzxml writer

Status: Pending - in development.

See also in next features.

Parse more informations in MGFReader

Status: Pending - in development.

    * CHARGE state of the precursor peptide
    * TOL peptide tolerance
    * TOLU peptide tolerance units
    * SEQ for a sequence qualifier (multiple SEQ qualifiers are allowed)
    * COMP for a composition qualifier (only one COMP qualifier is allowed)
    * TAG for a sequence tag (multiple TAG qualifiers are allowed)
    * ETAG for an error tolerant sequence tag (multiple ETAG qualifiers are allowed)
    * SCANS scan number or range
    * RTINSECONDS retention time or range (in seconds)
    * INSTRUMENT ion series to be matched
    * IT_MODS variable modifications